Extension to the VRAP Bill Will Help Veterans Finish Training

On February 6th of 2013, H.R. 562 was put into the committees’ hands by Chairman Jeff Miller. H.R. 562 is the Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP) Extension Act of 2013, in which assists unemployed veterans by retraining them for the work force. The bill extension of the bill would extend VRAP benefits through June 30, 2014, making it easier for program participants to finish job-training programs they have already started.

VRAP currently assists two thirds of all unemployed veterans who are primarily between the ages of 35 and 60. The assistance that these veterans receive includes up to 12 months of educational benefits.  As the law currently stands, VRAP was scheduled to expire March 31st, 2014. The extension, however, allows veterans who are utilizing the VRAP program to continue to receive financial assistance through the spring semester of 2014 at the institution where they are enrolled. This extension will make it easier for more participants to complete training while receiving VRAP benefits, potentially increasing the amount of participants that complete their program .

When the extension was brought to the table Miller stated that “VRAP is a tremendous opportunity for unemployed veterans to receive valuable training for in-demand jobs, and I encourage all eligible veterans to apply.” He also mentioned that “The VRAP Extension Act of 2013 would simply extend the life of the program by another three months to help veterans finish training programs they have already started and continue receiving benefits during that time.”

The bill would also require an interim report to Congress to measure VRAP’s success in helping unemployed veterans find jobs.

“Before extending VRAP beyond 2014 or to additional participants, we need to have an honest conversation about its effectiveness, including the performance of the Veterans Employment and Training Service and the state workforce system in placing VRAP graduates. The interim report required under this bill would give Congress the information needed to decide whether extending VRAP makes sense for our veterans as well as American taxpayers,” Miller said.


For more information regarding online training for Veterans visit http://www.Nite.org/